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BIO: Mab was born in Sardinia (Italy) on a very stormy winter night from PSYCHO JEREMY (Alice Dionis) and JECKY (Jessica Dionis) drums. It was a childhood dream that became a “vote” for life.
After a few years of activity in Italy they decided to move to London, U.K. which has remained their base ever since.
In London they played all the small venues for a start but soon enough they hit big stages such as Mean Fiddler, Koko, The Marquee, The Borderline, Islington Academy and finally the first very big support: they opened for HIM at The HAMMERSMITH APOLLO in 2004.
Immediately after they hit the road on their first UK tour with BREED 77. All this without having a record deal or an Album recorded yet!!!
In 2006 they took part to the Album “UNUSUAL”, a Tribute to GIUNI RUSSO (Italian Singer and Artist) where they re-arranged and performed one of her big hits from the 80s: “ADRENALINA”, invited by Italian producer M.Antonietta SISINI.
They also started a music collaboration with another Italian Icon of the experimental music such as FRANCO BATTIATO. They took part to his Album “IL VUOTO” singing 3 songs recorded at the Olympic Studios in London: “Il Vuoto”, “The Game is Over” and a song for his movie "NIENTE E' COME SEMBRA" (2007) which also sees them as walk-on actresses.
Together with F.Battiato they played as special guests at the "SANREMO's FESTIVAL” in 2007 (the greatest Italian Music event broadcasted worldwide) followed by many other TV performances such as "DOMENICA IN" and "CHE TEMPO CHE FA". They also accompained F.Battiato on his Summer and Winter Tour in the most beautiful theatres in Italy and Spain (2007/08).
MAB played the TRAFFIC FESTIVAL of TORINO in 2007 and LA NOTTE BIANCA in ROME both with F. BATTIATO, HEINEKEN JAMMING FESTIVAL in 2008 opening for MARLENE KUNTZ and VASCO ROSSI and invited by KASBA COMUNICATION played a very special gig in honour of film Icon DAVID LYNCH after his conference about Transcendental Meditation that took place in Palermo in 2007.

FORMER BAND MEMBERS: Marina Cristofalo (Guitar); Elisabetta Masia (Guitar).

MUSIC GENRE: Rock / Metal / New Dark

LINE UP: Psycho Jeremy: Bass -Vocals / Jecky: Drums / Elisa: Guitars

DISCOGRAPHY: Nougat, 1998 - album / Unstable Dream, 2003 - EP / Pures, 2005 - singles / Decay, 2008 - album.

COLLABORATIONS: Giuni Russo - Unusual, 2006 (Adrenalina) / Franco Battiato - Il Vuoto, 2007 (Il vuoto - The game is over).


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