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BIO : muccamacca was born in 1995 from Maurizio Corda’s idea.
he started to work with his synths and midi keyboards together with the singer Laura Mura and a year after dj Alessio Santoni joined the band with his turntables and a revox b77. In 1997 the debut album is released for RIP KURL records in Japan and in 1998 for CRIPPLED records (historical berliner label) in the rest of the world. This LP received a large number of consents for its style and its innovative taste, in line with european musical scene.

The songs of the band were used in many cinematographic works in italy ( Femminile singolare by C. Del Punta and various RAI fictions).
2001 is the year of the second album SCHIZOPHRENIQ for CINEVOX RECORDS. after this LP anyway the band stopped working together; Laura began her solo career and Alessio started working on video art and movies.
But Maurizio's passion and will to create music has never stopped and when in 2005 he met frichi (doublebassist and big fan of the band) during a live performance, they talked a lot and decided to work together on that project with new ideas and more acoustic instruments.
The new line up is composed, besides Maurizio and frichi, by Francesca Corrias on compositions, vocals and flute and Stefano Ferrari on guitars. in 2006 They started playing live in clubs and tested the new songs on stage.
With these musicians the project has achieved some new direction and more acoustic sounds but it hasn't lost the original idea of variety, illness and madness (mucca macca means crazy cow in sardinian language).
In 2009 the song "sunflower" is in SWITCHED ON BOB, a tribute to the father of electronic music Bob Moog, represented by Artists from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, U.S.A. compiled for BELLA CASA and RED CHERRY RECORDS.
In September 2009 / “ELEMENTARY” is out. It contains ten brand and fresh new songs plus a dubstep remix by ARPXP.”

MUSIC GENRE: Trip Hop / Electronica / Nu-Jazz

LINE UP: Maurizio Corda: programming, synthesizers / Francesca Corrias: vocals, flute / Frichi: doublebass / Stefano Ferrari: guitars / Alessandro coronas: drums

DISCOGRAPHY: 1997 mukkamakka (japanese edition ) / 1998 muccamacca / 2001 schizophreniq / 2009 switched on bob (tribute to bob moog) / 2009 elementary

RECORD LABEL: Bella Casa Music

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