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BIO: "DAHLIA INDACO formed in 1999, when Usai started to mess with lousy sequencers and asked Patrito to join him in the making of original compositions, the Sardinian duo set up from scratch to create music meant to explore the darkest side of human feelings.
From the raw beginnings the material grew up to its current shape, in which elements of dark, ethereal atmospheres blend with a combination of synthetic beats, acid arpeggios and raging basslines.

DAHLIA INDACO went through a number of demo recordings and live shows during most of its existence, only to disappear from the local gig scene around late 2005 to concentrate on future plans and side projects (notably Usai's RECS OF THE FLESH and WHITE KLAUDIA, hailed by the likes of drum-meister Dan Laudo and bassist extraordinaire Steve DiGiorgio as some of the most creative outfits of today's underground). Fascination for bands like KILLING JOKE, COCTEAU TWINS, THE SISTERS OF MERCY and PRONG (whose mainman Tommy Victor's early CBGB days inspired Usai to successfully pursue a career in sound engineering) grew evident in 2007, when the duo released the "Mothermech" EP, containing four tracks that represented a fresh new start for DAHLIA INDACO, and were able to get attention from 13th Planet Records manager Angelina Jourgensen: her input was decisive for both Usai and Patrito to go on and create their own label imprint and self-release music that was done independently of external financial support.
After managing to place remixes online for both CELLDWELLER's Switchback contest and PRONG's "Power Of The Damn Mixxxer" web edition, Usai started to rework loops and sequences to finalize a proper debut for his own creation.
Featuring eleven songs written over a period that covers the entire lifetime of DAHLIA INDACO, "Chronicles Of Nowhere" contains a collaboration with Darren Travis, who lent his voice talents for the recording of two of the most intense creations of the duo."

MUSIC GENRE: Industrial / New Wave / Ambient

LINE UP: Massimo Usai: vocals, guitars, programming / Elisabetta Patrito: vocals, bass, synth textures

DISCOGRAPHY: Mothermech, EP 2007 - Chronicles Of Nowhere, Raising Real Records 2009

RECORD LABEL: Raising Real Records


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