lunedì 2 agosto 2010


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"Raising Real Records starts here. We only ask you to believe your ears. It’s not a label – it’s a state of mind. Different minds grouping together to chase a common goal. And with all the different ways of doing business, we chose this particular one. Not just because we feel the need to make music, and share it worldwide.
But because the efforts we all go through in the painstakingly long process to make these sounds come to life is the very reason of our very own life. And so much more, because we would love to reach out for more. We raise real records, and we welcome you to our slice of the net. Make yourself comfortable, it’s going to be fun."

BANDS: Dahlia Indaco / Faris Amine Bottazzi / Old Sparky / Recs Of The Flesh / Rocksonic / Small White / The Mellon Bank / White Klaudia

MUSIC GENRE: Industrial / New Wave / Ambient / Folk / Blues / Roots Music / Electronica / Experimental / Trip Hop / Psychedelic / Rock / Alternative / Punk / Garage / Indie


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