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BIO: Chaoswave was born in the summer 2003 thanks to the initiative of Danish guitar player Henrik Guf Rangstrup (also guitarist of Sinphonia), who a year before had moved to Italy for personal reasons. His aim was to combine aggressive and powerful riffing with a more melodic structure, in the vein of bands such as Nevermore and Control Denied.
A four-track demo simply entitled ‘Chaoswave’ was the first release of the band. It was released in November 2004, distributed in around 1500 copies, and gained a long series of good reviews.
The band issued its debut CD "The White Noise Within" in 2006 via the dutch label DVS Records. The debut was very well received by the press, and allowed the band to play numerous concerts across Europe, among which the ProgPower Europe 2006 and the Winternachtstraum festival, in 2007.
In spring 2007 Chaoswave recorded a four-song promotional CD, "Fork Tongues and Foul Times", to showcase to labels what their 2nd album will sound like. Once againt the mixing duties were handled by renowned Danish producer Jacob Hansen (MASTODON, DESTRUCTION, MERCENARY).
December 2007 Chaoswave entered the studio to record their sophomore album "Dead Eye Dreaming". The album was mixed by Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND), and was a big step forward for the band, both in terms of quality and song writing. The growing popularity of the band was underlined by the guest appereance of former Nevermore/Testament guitarist Steve Smyth, that recorded leads on 3 songs on the album.
Unfortunately for the first time in the band's history, a band member had to say farewell in the summer 2008. Bassist Marco Angioni decided to leave the band for geographical and family reasons. He moved to Denmark to stay with his new family (as a father of newborn twins).
Michele Mura joined as session bass player for a while, until he joined the band as a full time member in March 2009.
In September 2008 Chaoswave signed with the American label Nightmare Records for a worldwide release of "Dead Eye Dreaming", who released the album on November 25 in USA and Canada.
The German label Silverwolf, together with SPV Records, will release "Dead Eye Dreaming" in Europe and Japan on March 6, 2009. An Australian release is also being planned.
Chaoswave have through the years become a well respected name in the Italian and Internatinal music scene. The band's guitarist and drummer are both writers for 2 of the biggest musicians magazines in Italy: Axe Magazine and Percussioni. The band has also gained numerous endorsments, among which MeinL Cymbals, AXIS Pedals, SIT Strings and Urban Board Shoes.


LINE UP: Fabio Carta - Vocals / Giorgia Fadda - Vocals  / Henrik "Guf" Rangstrup - Guitars / Raphael Saini - Drums / Michele Mura - Bass

DISCOGRAPHY: The White Noise Within, DVS Records - 2006 / Dead Eye Dreaming, Nightmare Records - 2008 U.S.A. / Canada and Silverwolf/SPV - 2009 Europe / Japan

RECORD LABEL: Nightmare Records - Silverwolf/SPV


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