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This band was formed in Guildford England during the summer of 2005. After travelling to Montreal Canada for a year so Pete could spend a year in university, the band decided to move to LA to focus on music full time. While in LA, the band met Joey two fingers who became their bassist with a triple shot.
Over the next year, the band played all along the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Blvd in clubs such as the Roxy, The Cat Club and the Knitting Factory. Also, during this period, they recorded a four track EP entitled MY WAY.

"FatGianlu and Marra met their friend Spun-O at "Rock in Idro 2005" in concert in Milan,Italy and they decided to create a punk/comedy band called Brankias. Back in Casteddu, Sardinia they begin to look for a drummer... and they found the bogazz. The kind of music they played changed easily from comedy to something between indie-punk-rock'n'roll-core(?); so they decided to change their band's name. This one became finally "The Evergreens". But unfortunately they knew that another band owned this name yet, so they deciced to change the last letter into Z. After a lot of changes in the lineup now the band plays as a power trio. The band played basically in every club in town with lots of national and international bands such as Sikitikis, Radici nel Cemento, Ratapignata, The Fire, Derozer.

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BIKINI - Stabilimento balneare Poetto - Quartu

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